Australian Sunglasses

Premium Quality Sustainable Sunglasses

Our unisex polarised sunglasses are inspired by nature and ethically handmade on the sandy shores of Australia.

We use traditional artisanal methods combined with cutting edge innovation to produce handmade Australian sunglasses from the finest natural and sustainable materials on earth, and use the proceeds to fund impactful environmental and social causes. 

Clean our ocean

With each sale, you fund the removal of 12kg of litter from our oceans & waterways, equivalent to over 900 plastic bottles. 

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Give the gift of vision

When you buy from Ozeano, you fund an operation to restore vision for a person in need.

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Australian made sunglassesPETA-approved vegan sunglassesFSC-certified cork cases - eco friendly sunglassesGOTS-certified organic cotton pouch and cloth - eco friendly sunglasses
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Circular Economy

25% off your next pair, forever

Return Ozeano eco-friendly sunglasses at any time to receive 25% off your next purchase. Help us ensure our products never go to waste.

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Eyewear for life

Free lens replacement

We offer free replacement of our certified Zeiss, polarised lenses within the first 2 years, and charge only $80 AUD to replace them after 2 years. 

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Plant-based bio-acetate

Ozeano frames are handmade using an innovative material made from responsibly-harvested cotton and wood pulp fibres with organic pigments and dyes. It's natural, renewable, recyclable and 100% biodegradable in 115 days under compost conditions. 

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German Zeiss polarised lenses

All eyewear comes fitted with market-leading polarised lenses from renown German lens manufacturers, Carl Zeiss Vision. 


Italien hinging system, teflon-coated screws

Our double wired core Italien-made hinging system is very robust, with Teflon-coated screws that stabilises the hinge and stops it from coming loose over time.


FSC-Certified Portuguese cork

Our cases are handmade using 100% FSC-certified Portuguese cork. We use cork for its sustainable properties, being a 100 percent natural, biodegradable, recyclable and renewable resource.

Pouch & Cloth

GOTS-certified organic cotton

Pouches and cloths are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. Organic cotton crop is made from natural seeds without the use of any harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton farming uses 88% less water and 62% less energy when compared to regular cotton farming.

A global family

Pronounced "o-ze-a-no" and a Basque-Spanish word for ‘Ocean’, Ozeano is more than just eyewear, we're a global family bound by a love for experiencing the natural world, and a deep passion for protecting it.

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Eco-friendly sunglasses