Ozeano is driven by a desire to make a difference. Our very existence centres around our ability to help protect nature's future, with a core principle of our business being to optimise for impact, always. That means we should never settle, and always be of the mindset that we have to do more to protect people and our planet.

Here's a few things we're already doing to make a difference.

12kg of ocean litter collected with every sale

The original motivation behind forming Ozeano was triggered by realising the enormity of the ocean pollution problem our planet is facing. To help make a difference, with every purchase you make, you fund the removal of 12kg of plastic & marine litter from our oceans and waterways, equivalent to over 1000 plastic bottles. 

By choosing to wear Ozeano, you're part of the solution, not the problem. 

What's the problem with ocean litter?

Today, an entire rubbish truck load of plastic ends up in the ocean every single minute, equating to a staggering 8 million tonnes over the course of a year. It’s estimated that there is now 18,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square kilometre of ocean, which is causing real harm to marine mammals and our ecosystem. 

Over 200 different marine species have been found to ingest plastic, causing the death of over 300,000 marine mammals and over 400,000 sea birds every single year. 

If things continue at this rate, it’s estimated that the amount of plastic entering our oceans could have doubled by 2025, with studies suggesting our oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. 

How is ocean litter collected? 

We’re proud to partner with Australian company Seabin Project, who are responsible for the creation of the ‘Sea bin’, a revolution in ocean clean­ing technology that creates cleaner oceans with healthier marine life. 

Each purchase of Ozeano sunglasses funds the operation of 1 Seabin to remove 12kg of plastic & marine litter from our oceans & waterways. 

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Every sale funds the collection of 12kg of ocean litter

Every sale restores vision for a person in need

With every purchase you make, you fund the required treatment to restore vision for a person desperately in need of eye care. Ozeano partners with The Fred Hollows Foundation, who provide critical treatments in over 25 countries around the world to those who otherwise wouldn't have access to the eye care they so desperately need. 

Today, around 253 million people live with vision impairment. Over 80% of those people could have their vision impairment completely prevented or cured, given access to the basic eye care many take for granted.

By choosing to wear Ozeano, you're changing someone's life; giving them the gift of vision.

What's the problem with access to eye care?

Currently, there are 253 million people worldwide who live with vision impairment, 36 million of which are blind and 217 million who are suffering with moderate to severe vision impairment. Of those 253 million people, around 89% live in low and middle-income countries. 

The sad thing is, over 80% of vision impairment suffered by those 253 million people across the globe can be completely prevented or cured, given access to the basic eye care many take for granted. 

How is vision restored for people? 

We’re proud to partner with Australian charity, The Fred Hollows Foundation, who work in more than 25 developing countries and have restored sight to over two and a half million people, in communities that previously didn't have access to eye care treatments. 

Of the 36 million people in the world who are blind, many don't have to be. Eye diseases like cataract, trachoma and diabetic retinopathy lead to permanent blindness when often, the conditions are treatable or preventable – often with a simple, 20 minute operation. 

With every sale of Ozeano sunglasses, we pay for one of those operations to restore sight for a person in need.

Every sale restores vision for a person in need


We hold a gold-standard membership with 1% for the Planet organisation, meaning we donate 1% of our total annual sales (whole company) to them to support their environmental initiatives.

1% for the Planet is a network of like-minded individuals, businesses, donors and nonprofit organisations working together toward a common goal: protecting the future of our planet. To date, members have collectively given back more than $253 million to the environment. 

Ozeano has a gold-standard membership to 1% for the planet organisation


Once you become part of the Ozeano family, you also become part of our circular economy scheme, meaning you get 25% off your next purchase, forever. 

All Ozeano eyewear is made from an innovative plant-based material, meaning it's 100% recyclable, so if you send us your old pair of sunglasses we can recycle or repurpose them, ensuring our products never go to waste. 

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Ozeano offers 25% off future purchases if you return your old pair to be recycled

responsible sourcing

As well as regularly visiting our suppliers and ensuring a fair living wage is paid to all workers, we have several certifications:

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a global not-for-profit organisation that sets the standards for what a responsibly managed forest is, both environmentally and socially. All our cork cases are made from FSC-certified cork oak forests. 

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a certification that ensures the organic status of textiles, including environmentally and socially responsible practises across the full supply chain. All our organic pouches and cloths are GOTS-certified. 

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a global not-for-profit association dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals. All of our products are PETA-approved vegan, meaning no animals are harmed. 

ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is an international standard-setting organisation. All our suppliers are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring they meet customer and regulatory requirements. Our frame material is also ISO 14855, which certifies its ultimate biodegradability within 115 days under controlled composting conditions. 

Responsible sourcing certifications

Carbon neutrality

All shipping of Ozeano products is carbon-neutral, via either Sendle or Australia Post. Sendle partner with South Pole Group to offset the emissions of every parcel that is picked up and delivered, supporting emissions reduction projects here in Australia and across the world. Australia Post purchase carbon offset credits, mostly in Australia, to match the calculated emissions for the deliveries provided. 

We are currently working on becoming a carbon-neutral certified company, expected to be granted by the end of 2020, meaning our entire business and operations will be certified as net zero emissions. 

Ozeano carbon-neutrality

B-corp certification - pending

Ozeano is proud to be awaiting its B Corporation certification. Certified B Corporations, or B-Corps, are social enterprises verified by B Lab, a nonprofit organisation. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Lab is currently performing a holistic assessment of our organisation, with the certification expected to be awarded in Q4 2020. 

Ozeano B-Corp certification